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Google Analytics Market Share


Metric Mail uses data provided by Google Analytics. We wanted to estimate the share of websites that use it. There are some studies about the market share of analytics solutions, but they are using rather small samples. 

Alexa provides a list of the Top 1 million domains
We used their data as a starting point for our research. There may be issues about the reliablilty and accuracy of their data, but it is still the best source that is easily available.

Next we imported the data to Google App Engine’s data store…. importing a million rows takes a long time ;) Around two days. We needed to retrieve each site and then look for patterns in Google Analytics data. There is

  1. the identifier UA-12345-123 and 
  2. the Javascript snippet that website owners need to embed in order to make Google Analytics work. Since the App Engine team recently released the Mapper API, we decided to make use of this new API.
For more info on the Mapper API check out their project site and the fantastic article on Nick Johnson’s blog.

Here are the results (8+ days of processing):

  • Number of websites successfully checked: 883194 (responded within 10 seconds)
  • Number of Google Analytics profiles: 441207
  • Market share in the top one million: 49.95%

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