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Exxon Now Offers World’s Largest Dividend »


Not bad, compared to the 10-year’s 2% yield.

Yes, that IS bad!

Why would I want to buy Exxon (XOM) common with a 2.6% annual return (via dividend) when I could earn the same from risk-free U.S. T-notes?

There’s more

The article, well, Wall Street Journal ”MarketBeat” blog post (April 25, 2012)  said that the S&P 500 “annual yield” was 2.21%, which is just as unappealing. And unlikely. I realize that there’s always growth, potentially, with equities, but I still don’t think these numbers make sense. 

Just to be perfectly clear about this

This isn’t evidence of a wild market anomaly. It isn’t symptomatic of a shocking revelation that the financial markets “are broken”. Rather, I think this WSJ blogger didn’t check his facts closely enough. Check out the other comments.