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Comstock Foundation SubGenius Grant »

Now accepting applications!

The Comstock Foundation SubGenius Grant

WHERE:  Montauk, NY
WHEN:   12 - 16 September 2011
WHAT:   5 day/4 nights by yourself aboard the sloop Intemperance
WHO:    You. You’re a musician, a writer, a designer, a computer programmer, a draughtsman, a composer; pretty much anyone who could use a few days of uninterrupted quiet time to get some work done
HOW:  Write me a short letter. Please include references because I’m not going to let an irresponsible person stay on my boat, get drunk and drown.

REQUIREMENTS:  You must be an adult, that means 18+. You must have dinner with me and my family on Wednesday Sept. 14.

*Intemperance is a fully equipped live-aboard yacht. There’s water, refrigeration, a full galley. You can even plug in your laptop. You might able to pull down a WIFI signal.

via Tony Comstock’s Kōan of Silence. Follow the link for further details, including a possible stipend. The Comstock Foundation SubGenius Grant will be awarded on July 4.

This Mr. Tony Comstock is a nice man. He knows about Stuxnet, information security, financial and economic risk mitigation from a quantitative perspective, but that is incidental. I believe his actual career is in cinematography and writing articles for The Atlantic and other publications (although he is certainly more congenial than Alex Madrigal and my cousin Gopnik who also write for The Atlantic).

I’m reasonably confident that Mr. Comstock wouldn’t give you a leaky boat with no water, a broken motor or shredded sail.

Any formating errors are mine.

via Written Images by Martin Fuchs » Updates — Kickstarter

Written Images is the first of its kind. A ‘programmed book’, continuously regenerated for the digital printing process, offering each reader a unique experience… more than 70 image generating software programs were submitted. A jury singled out the 42 most creative and successful submissions to be included in the book… we hope to produce the first edition of this unique book and also introduce the “Written Images” print-on-demand service…

Typographic Maps of Cities

Typographic Maps - Axis Maps LLC - Cartography. Visualization. Design.

There was nothing automated about making these maps, unless you count copying and pasting.

Everything was laid out manually, from tracing streets over an OpenStreetMap image, to nudging curved water text, to selectively erasing text to create a woven street pattern.

San Francisco from an angle

San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco

The Boston map

Large Boston Map

and Chicago maps differ in style, but the end result is similar:

Chicago close detail

from a distance it can appear as an accurate reference map, and as you get closer you notice the thousands of words it comprises.

Detail Chicagoa

This has been a fun, if long, process, and we hope other people can enjoy these maps as much as we have.

All images used by generous permission of Axis Maps.

See samples from typographic map posters from the Axis Maps Blog, September 2010 if you want to get copies for yourself!

IBM Inventors Break Patent Record  IBM today announced that its inventors received a record 5,896 U.S. patents in 2010, marking the 18th consecutive year it has topped the list of the world’s most inventive companies. IBM became the first company to be granted as many as 5,000 U.S. patents in a single year. It took IBM’s inventors more than 50 years to receive their first 5,000 patents after the company was established in 1911 


Our project is to create a brand new biological cryptography system. We harness the incredible adaptability of simple organisms in the tortured environment to make sure that the message stored can be left undisturbed regardless of any environmental changes…

In our system, 1gm of E. coli can store max 931,322 GB data. In comparison, a typical hard disk can store 1 - 4GB/ gram.

As the leakage of national confidential information and personal privacy become more and more serous, we believe that this biological cryptography can help protect the important information of mankind.

Team:Hong Kong-CUHK/Project -

Phoenix OpenCoffee: Hackspace opens January 10th »


ASU SkySong is joining the ever-growing ranks of coworking spaces around Phoenix! I received some news recently that they’re opening a new space for entrepreneurs on Monday, January 10th. It’s called Hackspace and is

an open community where users can come together to share resources and…